Eye to I

If you would gaze at me unblinking

Into my eyes at no time winking

Not staring scary, looking steady
Only then would I be ready

To trust in you with faith unbending

And hold you close in love unending

Believe in you my trust unfailing

Hands entwined through fate’s detailing

And dare to dare the greatest healing

That links two hearts in tender feeling.

©Karen Robiscoe

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About Charron's Chatter

The act of transcribing thoughts is as compulsive as any bad habit. I chain smoke words, overeat concept, and drink to forget I’ve gambled my secrets, driven by the possibility of unknown connection. © Karen Robiscoe 2012

19 Responses to “Eye to I”

  1. What a splendid poem. And very nice rhymes you got there. I love this.:)

  2. I love the poem… It shares a female perspective and I lack such wisdom. Your thoughts shared have given me a great smile and a refreshed perspective. Thank you for sharing and it feels from the heart. Thank you for helping mine!

  3. Karen, you compose the most heartfelt poems ;)
    It warms my heart as NYC endures another storm,
    another day in the soggy Apple. Pray for us!

    • Oh dear. I didn’t know you were in the thick of it. My aunt is in Manhattan, and I know from her it’s just been awful. Hopefully, your beliefs will ease the trials, and the trials will soon be over. GBY, All for One Lady. GBY… (and thank you, too, for the nice compliment.)

  4. Karen,

    I love this poem.  Ah, an easy thing to say, but I was truly moved by emotion, encouraged once more that I can love, I do love.

    The illustration helped to finalize trust and dare me to jump off a cliff, knowing I will find a parachute on the way down.

    Thank you.


    timlewis@timlewisauthor.com timlewisauthor.wordpress.com


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