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Let’s sit in black velvet, Elvis,

under  a jawbreaker moon.

Expect a firmament

dripping sugar crystal

clear and blue floss

just at sundown, streaking

stadium-sized meteors

that tat wholes

—out of holes

shaping ephemeral

auroras into

(Western Nights)

Saltwater taffy our jammed Tootsies

Popped into shore-breaking

—with laughter

an unguarded medicine,

rolling & cresting

whatever ails you

if anything does

ease it for you.

Let’s do that…

you & me


©Karen Robiscoe

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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

17 Responses to “Graceland”

  1. Laughter is the best medicine ;-)

  2. This feeling just between You and me, is like Silly Putty. Squishy fun.

  3. Very, very well-written.

  4. That is Gorgeous …..
    my favourite word ….”ephemeral ”
    says it all xo xo xo C

    • Is it fun? The trick to writing such nonsense is to really live through it in your mind…then toss a couple wordplays in…:) HeHE!! Thank you for coming…I knew you would like the atmosphere here…:)

    • i so dig it …………………
      it’s like a little place in the universe that speaks of magic and beauty all the time xo :) xx

    • speaking of magic…I am visiting your magical site, and I can feel your positivity and energy just bouncing out of the screen!!

      I am thinking you are on your way–there is just a feeling–a right time for things, and this is yours…:)

    • you’re beautiful you know that ……..:)
      same with Your site – shoots off positive spark ………….xxxxxxx ………:) Thank You xxx and so glad to be connected on fb xx

    • I know, right? Me too, you too. We get it! There is enough good stuff for us all out there…:) And as all the great spiritual advisors said at one time or another–or maybe just Carlos Castaneda ;)–Intent is everything. The intent behind one’s actions is everything–and bears examination…:)

      That said, please don’t read today’s verse! I am posting a saddish poem, today, and do not want to bum you out!

    • Of course there is Enough xxx i so love Castaneda ……..
      Haven’t read him since i was a teen – Thanks – Inspired again to read Him :)
      We all come from the same Place ……
      The Universe –
      some of us have different planets
      or stars we like to hang out on …………
      But Ultimately we are all the same
      and that is so truly beautiful xxxxx C

    • we truly are star people–being of that same origin as the universe (or multiverse)…makes you wonder what the other planes have in store…;)

  5. You can always makes us smile or even a laugh.

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