The Write Ingredients

Pub. SPECTRUM Literary Anthology, CCS @ UCSB, 2007 # CLVIV


I seasoned my work–an I amb stew,
with a measure of memory; added two
leaves of Bay that swooned, and cried–
to melt inside
my roiling page.

Wrote leaves of Sage to follow,
Its Self-Important Syllables
Too Savory to Swallow
in one gulp
so I ground them into pulp

Diced tender shoots of Time and
threw basted dreams in


a sprinkling of rhymes.

Shook similes and tried it,
tossed images inside it
Added more
…and a dash of…

… hesitation…

…’four afterthoughts went
streaming in
my steaming combination,

I turned it down to low, and next
Stirred and Stirred and left my text
as is typically my style.
Dreamt something else a little while.

But when the odor grew too strong
I was lured before too long
to whisk and sift, my well done word,

And while It seemed to be
Overdone In Spots, to me
with Purple Prose,
–and a trace too much erase–

Overall the things I chose
Tasted right in place.
Put a smile on my face.

And it thrilled with its frilled bones.

The seared slab of life my own
Truth, topped with my bundle of say-
My Book garni,
an elegant finish
to enhance
an Aged Soul.

And since my wit had simmered and mellowed for so
Many years
I served it up,
In dishes edged in gold
Full of my tale untold

Delicate menus in flowing script
tucked into napkins there,
inviting You to Dinner
with a
Place Card
at each chair.

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