Limerick: “King-Kitty” is the 7th installment in the star-crossed limerick series titled: “Star Charts”. This series spoofs a horoscope every month. To start at the beginning, click: “Waterboy”

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And now on to Leo

my favorite by far!

(you can’t really blame me)

the Lion’s my Star—

my house in the heavens

my home on the range,

the Kitty that rules both

stellar and plains,

King of the Lions

and all beasties, too,

and best hair of all—

is generally true.


Our element’s Fire

to match our fierce ways,

our planet’s the Sun

and all its fierce rays,

we’re prideful & boastful

and happiest when—

we’re in a room full of

loud-talking friends,

vying & trying for

center of stage,

to bask in the moment

of Lion uncaged.


Beyond these conceits

that aren’t really harming,

we’re loyal to fault—

& sometimes quite charming,

we worry about

impressions we make,

but also shrug off

the negative prates,

of those wishing Lions

to tame down their show,

that’s not how we do it

that ain’t how we roll.


Case in point: Simba

did he bow to Scar?

and if he had bowed…

Would that not have marred?

the finest of movies—

and good allegory,

that teaches the tots

a fable-like story,

detailing need for

respecting of others,

no matter demeanor

since beasties are brothers.


Yes, it’s good to have heroes

packing some punch,

and Leo does that

by crowning  the bunch,

of bright double-stars

that make up our cluster,

shining on earth,

with double-bright luster.

Welcoming all—

in the world to our glow,

‘cause that’s how we do it!

And that’s how we roll.

Leo copy

©Karen Robiscoe


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7 Responses to “King-Kitty”

  1. Very well said, your highness. Truly~!

  2. My favorite in this series so far. Perhaps it’s because Leo’s my stars.

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  4. GOT A RE-BLOG!!!! And you hve three more awards to colect, if you want:

    • You know? That sounds awesome right about now…it’s been a heckuva week / month / year, so happily I do accept. My acceptance post might be a skosh late because I have a lot of computer work to do on another’s behalf at the moment, but I will look at this as my “fun” project, and take a break from the required for the inspired as time constraints allow.

      🙂 You’re just GR8! ‘Hope your summer’s been chillin’ & sunny both…

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