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What part of human hurts?

Is it light, or liquid,

or spaces in between?

Where rainbows break?

& swallows ache

take wing away

Which hue of spectrum endures?

The black, or blue,

or all-eclipsing white?

Where contrasts merge

& merging—-verge

on regimenting

When does fire die?

In eyes, or skies,

or pitted depths infernal?

Where demons gloat

but hope yet floats

and floating—

is eternal

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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

17 Responses to “Phantom”

    • Hi Alastair! How is you…this was going to be a villanelle–but I got entranced with the rhyme scheme (ish) that existed already when I opened this “note”.

      I am all dramatic girl today, and want to write a villanelle…:)

    • I had to look up what a villanelle was 🙂 I am learning a lot about different styles of poetry. I found out a couple of months ago .. okay, it could have been a year, my dad has been writing poetry for a few years

    • DOH! I love how honest you are–me too–because why bother elsewise. I just learned about them, well 8 or 9 years ago, but have only started writing them this past year in the blog-O-sphere. What’s fun about it, is, you tie your hands, and then try to make macrame outta the knots!!

      I aspire to one day write a truly Dylanesque villanelle–he was the: Do not go gently into that good night–fellow.

      The trick to them–that I have only implemented with any success once–is to choose very malleable 1st and 3rd lines to opening stanzas–since these are the repeaters–and further, to move the subsequent tercets forward as a poetic entity tied with the rest–not as stand alone stanzas, something that’s easy to fall into when wrestling with the knots of a villanelle.

      you should so try one!!

    • I will see what I can do at some point. Thank you for the info on them, I appreciate it

    • it all comes when it do. That’s the beauty and flexibility of art. 🙂

  1. Hi Karen,

    Words—Wow! Touched here…Heart-speak and
    mind-reach and…Creative Spirit—You! Thanks
    for sharing this with us…Phil E.

  2. Goshhhhhhhhhhh!!!…This I so heartfelt a piece….I’m stunned at its words, struck by its brilliance….

    • I am humbled to read that. (and gladdened) What I like about this–and it evolved really naturally–is the end lines of each stanza creating a “hidden” message. I bolded it initially, but it didn’t look right, so I opted for italics.

      I opened this old note wanting to write a villanelle–so I was looking for sweeping lines–but this poem practically demanded this structure. No ifs, ands, or villanelles about it! You know how that goes!

  3. ❤ I love writings that make me go hmm ~Thank you~

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