A Writer Shade of Pale

I’m having fun playin’ around with the term (aka phonetic sound) of palate–pallid–pallet & palette…which mean respectively: taste, pallor, cot, and artist’s board for paint. I’ve already eliminated the latter 2, while these next 2 “sketches” have fun with the former coupla’…

What else. Drawing in Illustrator–I am having a blast with this program, and look forward to sharing what I work on now–when it’s done. I tried to sign up for a class at City but they don’t have one just for Illustrator….lucky I got an A in it first time out, soz acclimating to the new menu is not too difficile.

H-e-n-n-yway. A day-dreamy, too-hot-to-play-outside-yet day, hope you guys are good.

penning gold


a writer’s pallid

is understandable

we don’t get out much–

for all the rocks we push uphill

they tend to roll down

Yabba Dabba Doo style


Fred where he paces,

soles an’ all…

small apple

a writer’s palate is


either very refined

–read: picky–

or hogwash happy

there is no in between for the famished scribe

no TV dinner

“good enough”

no fast food

“slow enough”

no Twinkie

“twinkly enough”

it’s tits on a ritz,

crème de la crème,

or the pits.

(olive pits, though)

since writers so infrequently


busy as they are,

with their hands.



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