Mossy Me

Unable to

commit to a Rock,

I picked me up a Pebble

Half the work of Rock
I pet it less for one

–which might account for

the fact it remains amorphous

when Rock took on a heart-shape after

a few



Pebble skips better, too, I’ve found

tossed from hard place

out to sea

–it breaches

like a teeny-tiny whale

hitting wave

after wave

)) after wave ))

its return concerns me less

then Rock

since I stroll a Gravel Strand

Pebble is grittier, too, by far,

scratching hands

to callous, and wearing

pocket thin

Pebble never trumps my

Pinking Shears,

or rounds out any paper,

skittering in

its role as pet,

I’ll have to

leave it


(in time)

in Hour Glass that keeps


eroding Pebbles

made of yore.


pet rock owner’s manual

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