Es Freud Mich

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

Meat and potatoes

are fine as a base

but drizzle of gravy

heightens the taste

insuring no id bits

are going to waste

since Cash Cows are phatter

cloaked in Bernays!

Start with crowd reasoning

* flash it and pan *

foil it & season it,

infuse high demand then

Freudian browbeat in it

marketing plan and

oil the deep seediest

urges in man.

You wanna get women?

Buy this new car!

Does waistline need trimming?

Try this new bar!

You don’t feel like grinning?

These pills are top drawer!

And trust us, you must

‘cuz we sell who you are.

Your buttons our stove top

and appetites’ gauged

illusion of option

confined to a stage

a fine-dining, dinner show

Chef will appraise

Not Cash Cows—they’re dead now

—and shadier’s made.

©Karen Robiscoe


The German phrase: “es freut mich” means “it brings me joy”. Being punny, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to double entendre that, since Freud was the Uncle of Edward Bernays, aka Daddy of PR, and employed his Uncle’s techniques (among others) to good effect. (for himself and the retail industry)

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