Under Raps

It was their first date

. . .

She–dressed to the 9’s,

and he, half that

(and more)

.a solid 8.

to a near 10 skirt & heels

–cosmetics sparingly, but judiciously applied

pinned, plucked,

waxed. . .and shaven

he was the




–all khakis, cologne,

and coordination, besides–

gender appropriate

scents wafting in one another’s wake as they stepped into the evening

. . .

a full moon evening

. . .

(cue Howling Wolf)

w pleasant breeze, and balmy feels, and

–car door, opened without guile—naturally, too,

since Lambro-genies…

(skirt smoothing)

are magically

(not there’s)

and both belting,

and pair smiling,

each heading,

(in roundabout fashion)

to the finest place

. . .

either secretly dreamt of,

but neither dared mention

. . .

it was

. . .

. . .


the stuff of which all that endures

is made of

–intimate & private, and

so appropriately appointed that

within minutes of staggered arrival

–things got real.

Really real.

dress-up game over,

apparel exchanged

(by tacit agreement)



(2 to a leg)

and tease,

(because. . .really)

and comfy bed socks. the better

to slip-slide on floors slick enough on which to dance

–and yeah, linoleum, yet its faux tile pattern

was as Grecian as Grecian could be,

–as Grecian as her erstwhile updo

(and more negotiable, too!)

while make up removal

(and start of belief)

. . .

was less .


. . .

but more!

. . .


(so not hymn)

flopping artlessly yet


into repose


assess menu options


she–prattling on about

her way.

all 24/7/365 of it

–effortlessly concocted a 4 star meal,

(too much whine

precluding that 5th star)



and rising,

and falling again

–precisely attuned to his de rigueur,

and non-committal,

and impeccably timed,

monosyllabic responses

(sounding bored)

she served him topless


as carbs were so yesterday

and it was

a perfect first date

chez eux

–followed by a still better


when 5 o’clock shadowed


winter’s day.

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