Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night, there lived a sort-of author who wrote a range of literature that included everything from phone messages & labels, to grocery lists, signatures & short stories. She went on to post a couple of the stories online—and a Cheese of the Month Club invoice, too, by mistake—and then deleted them all right away. Not because she was shy, but because she really wanted that cheese, and she’d also decided to go ahead & slap dustcovers on a few of the short stories & call ’em books…

While  the absent-minded scribe hoped the stories would sell based on their own merit, she wasn’t above greasing the wheels, though she adamantly refused to grease elbows. So before she forgot, she grabbed the WD-40 & put together a lovely cheese plate for any drop-in guests to the category: Fiction (linked there & in the banner menu) offering a Roofie-free, virtual glass of grape to those kind enough to buy the stories she tells.

to be continued…

Short Fictions available for purchase at Amazon & Smashwords:

So 5 Minutes Ago
Set against the backdrop of a strip club on Halloween, urban fantasy: “So Five Minutes Ago” pokes good-natured fun at the trends of today’s society, while skirting the more serious issues of outsourced and obsolete American workers.

Thank the Good God She Found Jesus
Bad girl goes good–and then bad again–exchanging Hail Marys for Happy Hours, and piety for pilsner in a month of equalizing Sundays. (short story)

Through the Monitor
A man suffering from narcolepsy falls asleep at his computer–waking to find himself in very, different circumstances.

Tire Rims & Hailstones
A short fiction looks at the lighter side of religion, hubcaps, and X’s and O’s. Basically a tic-tac-toe of spirituality..;)

“What Happens in Vegas”
Post funeral activities vary greatly–this short fiction introduces the key players in Spirited Remix”

Tossed & Found
A horrifically, twisted walk to Momma’s…

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