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Would you like to wear a sleeveless shirt with confidence? How about playing ball with your kids instead of just dropping them off at practice? Do you want to take charge of your health and well-being, but aren’t sure where to start?  This is where I come in.

Targeted exercise is important for shaping up those stubborn body parts. Those parts that just don’t seem to respond no matter what you do. Whether it’s a muffin top or spare tire, back fat or less than lovely set of love handles, we’ll find the formula that works for you. A certified fitness trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, licensed Group X instructor through Fitour, and professional Aquatics teacher through the Aquatics Exercise Association—I’m ready to teach you everything you need to know to get that post perfect body. A body that performs for you.

Let’s talk fitness: A fully insured and licensed fitness professional since 2015, you might have read the regular fitness column I wrote for the Montecito Journal in recent years. My brainchild: Fitness Front has enjoyed wide coverage in the Acorn newspapers also, as well as in the Santa Barbara Sentinel. My editorials about local sporting events and fitness trends have been published numerous times in the Santa Barbara Independent, and since so many of these timeless articles concern technique and type, I invite you to click the tab up top and surf over.  You might learn something—or confirm something—you’ve always thought to be true about exercise.

My encouraging teaching style is valuable to my clients. Comfortable training those with special needs, I’m experienced with a range of physical maladies such as MS, RA, and Parkinson’s, as well as age-related challenges—including but not limited to: knee & hip replacements, stenosis, scoliosis, and rotator cuff injuries. Teaching proper technique and customizing cardio and strength routines, DROM movements, and stretch routines to meet specific challenges is my specialty, and my open-door policy assures the lines of communication are always open.

If you’re looking for a professional who is as motivated as you are about improving your health and body, you have found the right coach. Email Karen at: karediokaren@gmail.com, or call (805) 335 – 7662 to schedule your free fitness assessment & initial consultation.

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