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Charron's Chatter

Thinking in terms

of “character” traits

does W envy the V

for her Waist?

since plainly

V Vainly

watches her slants,

the W tried

but W can’t..

And what about M?

does it Make her Mad?

that N’s always Noshing,

but Never gets fat?

as all letters know

M Moder-ates Much,

whatever M “ate”

was Merely enough…

The same goes for B

who’s Bothered by P

’cause B is as Basic

to meals as can B

He Broils

and he Bakes

But Blasted

P Poaches

stealing the Battle

of Bulge

with aPProaches

and gloating–

P Pairs,

and Pigs out

on blankets

wraPPed around aPPs


around franks

—It’s no wonder

that speech is


with such letter envy

and such letter hating!

Clearly impelling

a global truncating

–of petulant words

that need separating,

’til finally one day

we’ll boot acronyms, too

and revert to grunting

as cavemen would do.

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