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Poultry Prompt?

I had a stupid
clock that clucked,
cuckoo didn’t work for
it clicked
the minutes
and struck
the hour when it wanted. . .
it could be
quarter past or more,
5 o clock?
it clucked just 4,
and mounted square
above the door
I ran late as it taunted
–time and me
oh, chickadee,
clicked, and clacked, and rattled
pecking hands
that finally–
chucked it,
and skedaddled.





1: of, or relating to, the cuckoo bird

2: deficient in the sense of intelligence–silly

3: more compelling word prompt for Easter–Jesus, happy egg day, bunnies. 🙂

That Geo

he got the California

kicked outta him,

and moved to the land

with no teeth.

slurping snow cones

(which were always in season)

and glorifying bushy brows

–deeds to ghost towns,

and recycled rumination,

his views were limitless–

on a monthly basis—


–bounded only by Netflix


Plus Remote

Easy Boys

watered terrace with rain

. . .

a comforting pattern

that raised ice-cubes

in night’s cool black blanket

–where sorrow stood sentinel,

& memory kept

breathing books.



By the Foot



I arrange them on a grid

–avoiding the final row

like Camus–

The plan’s to progress

to backgammon


–for which a suitcase is in order–

and once complete,

Chess is next move

–interlocking pieces shaping L’s–

eschewing base

of glass.

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