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to my stalker:


you are the reason I no longer enjoy posting anything on this blog. You are insidious. I hope your karma comes back to you. You are everything that is wrong with the world–and a virtual coward to boot. Soon, I will take my website down altogether, and then how will you keep tabs?


noun: at-end-um; plural noun: at-end-ahs
  1. an item of additional material of which you’re unsure, typically omissions, added at the end of a book or other publication.
  2. what? (comes next)
    Example: Atendum, I’d like to add…er…some brilliant observation.

The ice inside

Kaleidoscope I,








fracturing all the time

Heart breaks


(chaining reactive)

–spirit implodes


the revolutions of days

dulling shards

disjointing emotional skeleton


I no longer see

–or care to—

the incidental beauty

in skin-encased chaos

–just tumble








and reform.

Perpetually remodeling

inner terrain.

For Rest


shed light,


sound light

but aren’t


–they’re weighted with truth

and time spent recognizing

such heavy, hidden creeds

In the past,

at impasse,

and on paths

treading restless mile

I’ve found feathers to mark

chance revelations

–flights of fancy grounded

before angels stood guard

and today when

a quill charged with breeze

drifted down from heaven

to land


in my hand,

The truth of my thoughts

was validated

–gold standard validated, and

piggybacked by realization

the most sacred insight







To Aunt Nym

I collected crowds.

Pinned with hatpins

to observe close-up

–surfers, bikers, stoners,

academics &

athletes of all kind

I’d peg myself, too,

–such a square, I needed circles–



‘til they dampened

leather & chains

–worn to distance myself

from pipes that burned

& quills clipped to locks

on lowest high corner

I’d switch, then, too



less dum



–good for earnestly peering at things

with telescoped neck

a connection uninjured

on account of those

unpinned helmets I also wore

–now I dunno—

I’ve considered Maid Marianne’s,

and thought about headdresses

forsaking skullies long ago

–maybe I’ll just go

hatless, now.

Absorb vitamin K

for a while.


Must See

he was all over the map

here, there

every place I wanted to be
and was

and I know

(but won’t)

how our paths crossed stars

–Plexiglass aside

the be point

was a straight shot,


–and curve of wobbly wheels

rutted circles,


but cart’s behind

equine now


and novel approach–

more Thomas Guide. . .

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