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Script Marks

August is

sizzlin’ hot.

Hotter than

other months

& more intense,

it’s a sweat shop

–minus the

miserable mending–

those dog days


–short on convection,

confection and

100x more elemental,

August is a sauna

all right

—but different.

more fundamental.

more consuming.

Even skaters

trade wheelies

for water

in August

–filling up the pool.


don’t Hail Mary

when you ought

Viva La

–Mary isn’t.

Hearty, more solely,

an aka dba sos.

Don’t sit when

waves should thunder

–stamping feet dealer’s choice, since sand imprints so easily,

so who cares about its clock?

don’t bury face in hands better suited

to applaud

–in either case remove your gloves,

and whatever you do…

don’t cross fingers


to whistle