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Only Cards

52 card

pick up

is a great game

(open season)

strategy & chance

playing equal parts

(so Chippendale, but not Chip & Dale)

no matter how you cut the deck

–and the exercise!

let’s not forget the exercise

(and repeat!)

since sorting the scattered

requires fetching first

and fetching is

(go figure)


why, it has to be my favorite game

and if you play with the


(be prepared to wear the lampshade)

and make it 54?


so much the better.

who’s there

the gist

of the jest

was just

as I guessed

a kind of

a kidding

but less circumspect

a razzing

and ribbing

in every respect

so ribald

and bawdy

twas risqué at best

the shitty

so witty

the two coalesced

a practical joke where I was the fool

a punch line

so well-timed


old school.

Lollipop Girl

moods & muse

are aggregate.

a melded pair

not separate.


but so distinct

–one you know


one you think.

feelings factor

in as much,

to muse and moods

and their construct


the emanation

of intertwined


so if your muse

is fine

and mood–

is also high

you might diffuse,

uplifting art

or pleasing prose,

but otherwise

–not even close.


Disgrace Book

It shows
the best of us,
but nurtures the worst…
the petty
and unformed,
the uncertain
and immature,
the righteous mob
of sheep
and wolf alike
–social media
one account at a time.

Miss Mug

I gave up thinking years
in private
time p’aled in comparison
to state
frith dissolved
–though hope barely melted–
condensing sweet
on glass
evaporating in the cold
. . .
becoming bitter
–in ensuing weaks
–only palatable
over sea.

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