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Cryptic Nite

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER
sitting duck

I faced—stood,

sucker blew,

and skin thickened
–a snake in reverse,

and molten,

the opposite

of outburst,


different than pendulum,


all day to day drama

–reel life

a tearjerkin’




–that’s strictly indie,


frontin’s worse

–disowning my


in quotes, because we can



kid glove failure

a soul denial and

hefty price

–when time is money

and attention currency.

Well, fellow human,

toys are us,

and we’re pretend–

and yet.

–if I cut you,

do I not bleed?

Rain Reign…Go Away


eye storm chase.

jealous of

surrounding maelstrom–

under black umbrella

I beat rain.

blue-ribbon mind

blocking grey and gold

to collapse

para sol

(for sun)

and slicker

(than some)

I seek refuge

from elements


for soothe,

only drumming water

breaches cracks

and drenches beast within

cowering from



–that melting,

wicked bitch.

Call Waiting

small diane sketch

she’ll die tomorrow

–gun in hand

hand that guided


before pistol,


before dolor, and


before pain,

will trigger

an end game

she can…ah…live with

–Russian Roulette

grown tiresome.

Loading every

monkey in that barrel,

she’ll cry rough

–for the last time–

punch buttons

to bells

to voice mail unheard.

she’ll die tomorrow

(all over again)

gun in hand.


The same…only different

If I hadn’ta left the beach early. . .

feelin’ like grit

an’ if I’da bypassed Uptown Gym

for more familiar territory. . .
an’ if I didn’ta go


to check on that job I know I’ll forego

good busywork in lieu of

an’ if I’da been rigid

­like I said I would be. . .

an’ skipped Gelson’s sriracha wings

–an’ guilty!

Gone on to Vons for sundries,

an’ smokes

I’d hate myself for

only to bump into seXe Dave

or was it vice-revers’a?

an’ chat just exactly

long enough to decide against death

an’ feel attractive again

that Dave knows how to do that

then I never woulda

got home when I did. . .

to discover that terrified bunny baby

soaked from days of storm

a sittin’ duck

on our patio built for killin’

a mouse for cat

just waitin’ to get picked off.

An’ that bon-bon size


was too easy to catch

even fer me

after tossed wheat Chex went ignored

an’ reachin’ into the inadequate cover he’d assumed,

I took the shiverin’ bun•let to Wildlife Care

inna carrier that’ll take the edge off vet trips, now

–assurin’ him alla way

he’d be warm,

an’ he’d be fed,

an’ he’d be safe,

tellin’ him I knew it didn’t feel like it, now

fer me either

but he was gonna make it out alive



an’ all growed up

. . .

an’ still

so close to home.


Completely Super Sunday

15 min chunks.

My life is completely amazeballs


15 min chunks.

During these quarter hours

it’s important not to


–to keep my inner glasses off,

or at the very least—unknown.

for 15 min, sure.

I can do that for

15 min—yeah.

Since my life is completely


in 15 min segments.

Vivisected coil of



snaking a way to shed skin

in 15 min or less,

and just that many seconds

you do the math—

completely okay.

. . .

so cool!

(to recap)

in 15 min increments

my life is completely tolerable.

in 15 min parcels

tied up with strings

that strangle,

(in rooms with no high beam)

–completely white-knuckled tolerable,

in 15 min blocks.

as long as I don’t look



or behind,

I’m 15 min


for the game.

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