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Never After Series: Roan Riders (#2)

It’s time Once more

to peek through door,

Upon the Time that Wasn’t–

at birds & blokes

* and Fairy Folks *

and one-off baker’s dozen.

The ace in hole,

and jolly troll,

that weren’t at royal Foxtrot,

the Bean unbought,

the Big unsought,

the ungrown, Giant dicot.


Yes, little known

to folklore fans,

was Beanstalk brother, Rodney,

whose allergies

to beans and bees,

kiboshed bean-based botany.

–Going on→

to bang a gong,

offered up no remedy,

years too soon!

to be Gong Goon,

for game show in the seventies.


No worse a curse,

than hex that vexed,

Sleeping Beauty’s sister,

a walking napper,

she failed to trap her–

princess self a mister.

It scarcely helped

her slumb’ring trail,

led her to the Bottle,

since Genie in it,

made head spin, and

worsened wiped-out wobble.


And once without,

what Genie wouldn’t,

rise to the occasion?

And this Mage

was filled with rage,

of cabin-sick persuasion,

and so failed

to honor bail

3 wishes precontracted

(a Genius snub,

since she had rubbed,

his lamp as he’d exacted.)


So many more!

were hit by door–

–of Once upon a Time.

Missing mark,

unbooked on Arc,

pared pairs I’ll share in rhyme,

Until such Time

of Never Was,

these Fairies must subsist,

* near the top *

but still just not,

a “plus one” on the List.


(1) Once Upon a Different Time

(2) Roan Riders

(3) Pot-Tea Humor

(4) Happily Ever After-Party

(5) My Fair Cat Ladies

(6) Hey Diddle Didn’t

(7) Pie in the Sky

Never Afters Series: Once Upon A Different Time (#1)

We’re all familiar

with the lore–

of Fairy Tale people.

The Heroes right,

the Knights in White,

and Princess in the Steeple.


But that’s not all,

who went to ball,

and found their Ever After.

There was, of course,

another force–

of somewhat lesser actors.


The Fairies that

stood in for stars,

during dress rehearsal,

* close * to right,

but just not quite,

for reasons controversial.


Take, for instance,

the history of–

Central Heating-Ella.

Since blood ran cold,

the tale she told,

failed to make novella.


Of course there was,

her hapless cuz’,

Also known as “Piggy”.

Big Toe∙lina,

Cut from Scene’a,

ate ‘til she was Biggy.


A better fate–

than what awaited,

Princess backing Soy Beans.

the GMO’S–

from Monsanto,

fostered canc’rous breast genes.


Yes, Fairy Folk

in Anecdotes–

must toe writ’ lines or go.

Just ask Soul Patch,

Whose shaved blue thatch,

will never be well-known.


Nor will evil–

elven sprites–

Pogo Stick to fame.

Since Stilts are much–

preferred to Sticks,

If you guess his name!

(1) Once Upon a Different Time

(2) Roan Riders

(3) Pot-Tea Humor

(4) Happily Ever After-Party

(5) My Fair Cat Ladies

(6) Hey Diddle Didn’t

(7) Pie in the Sky

Mad Hatter


I collected crowds.

Pinned with hatpins

to observe close-up

–surfers, bikers, stoners,

academics &

athletes of all kind–

I pegged myself, too,

(such a square, I needed circles)




‘til they dampened

leather & chains

–worn to distance myself

from pipes that burned–

to quills clipped to locks

and lowest high corner.


I’d switch, then, to


less dum

& turtlenecks


–good for earnestly peering at things

with telescoped neck

an injury-free connection

on account of those

unpinned helmets I also wore.


Now, I dunno–

I’ve considered Maid Marianne’s,

and thought about headdresses

(forsaking skullies long since)

–maybe I’ll just go

hatless, now.


Absorb vitamin K

for a while.

it’s Always Light in Alaska

there is no

“just right”


of the wrong thing–

no “this” in lieu of “that”

no “just today” and “starting tomorrow”

no freeze that won’t thaw and

definitely no Goldilocks breakthrough

(without bear)

to the other side of “shouldn’t”.


no Doors for one thing,


Airplane rabbit looping back-to-back

–the Other Side just shades of


DID >   < DT4

(fill in the acronym)

in the last place?


Not for sugar

(too little, Jones)

Or booze

(too much, Ralph)

or circular mind games

(introducing: me! the Jerk–in starring role)

there is no way out

just through

–thinking out-of-box thoughts

in carton inspected by Schroedinger

(courting mortal odds)

–coloring outside lines

w invisible ink,

(equipping gallery w special glasses)

–playing by rules

that level

(but don’t square)


skipping reprimand

of all origin.

Leaving Las Vegas

karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER


toxic candy coat,

a confusion of mascara,

Novocain lenses,


cigarette pants.



smokin’ hot

sweet, but deadly,

(numb = carefree)


hourglass for

drop top,

jam daisy-centered

petal metal,

objects in rear view are

avoid deploying

airbags to

negotiate New Walls,

closer than

by muscle memory.

they appear

~Scarf over curtain rod curls~

Rainbow Rip Series (finale): Sum Parts

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

The rainbow path

might seem divided,

separate, as I’ve indited,

that’s not right–

Mis Write confided,

as beams of

Light are all

♦ United ♦

–and all that is–

is surely lighted.


Chasing rainbows

taught me well,

the nature

of ephemeral,

of reaching

for a pot of gold

you can’t quite see–

and never hold,

–the phrase itself

a veiled scold–


I myself prefer

to think–

of bow as magic

bridge to link–

the living state

& Great Beyond,

a spectral curve

of passing bond,

its radiance from

God’s own wand.


For didn’t Dorothy

long to go,

O’er fleeting

rain-brought bow?

To distant lands

in lofty dreams,

found at end of

sun-kissed beams?

She did indeed,

Mis Write decreed.


But more than all

I’ve said before,

of variegated

beamish lore,

the arc can stand

for harmony,

of love beyond identity,

bigger still than

–all its parts–

is banded sum of rainbow arc.

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Rainbow Rip Series: Purple

It’s started to rain

Mis Write declared.

on my parade,

(but I have rainwear)

And Rain’s

Prince’s shade,

that’s itemized next,

in patches

of floridly,

over–writ text.


It’s the hue

–when born to–

pin·points you’re noble,

staining the

frames of a–

movie with Oprah.

Dying the hearts

of soldiers at war,

Tinting the Advent

of Lent, & much more!


It transcends

the world–

to heavenly spheres,


did commence

the People Eat∙er.

Coloring planet

of Jupiter too,

something like red–

mixed in with blue.


Played as a chip,

it’s betting 5 thousand.

In Colorado–

it’s speaking of mountains.

If tallying polls

before an election,

it means the state’s split

in either direction.

To left and to right,

(at least that cross-section)


That’s all I recall,

Mis Write confessed,

since closer to home,

it stands for Hendrix–

song of a lifetime

an era…an age!

The tune

that he crooned

–like the hue–

Purple Haze.

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