Rainbow Rip Series: Purple

It’s started to rain

Mis Write declared.

on my parade,

(but I have rainwear)

And Rain’s

Prince’s shade,

that’s itemized next,

in patches

of floridly,

over–writ text.


It’s the hue

–when born to–

pin·points you’re noble,

staining the

frames of a–

movie with Oprah.

Dying the hearts

of soldiers at war,

Tinting the Advent

of Lent, & much more!


It transcends

the world–

to heavenly spheres,


did commence

the People Eat∙er.

Coloring planet

of Jupiter too,

something like red–

mixed in with blue.


Played as a chip,

it’s betting 5 thousand.

In Colorado–

it’s speaking of mountains.

If tallying polls

before an election,

it means the state’s split

in either direction.

To left and to right,

(at least that cross-section)


That’s all I recall,

Mis Write confessed,

since closer to home,

it stands for Hendrix–

song of a lifetime

an era…an age!

The tune

that he crooned

–like the hue–

Purple Haze.

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