Rainbow Rip Series: Yellow

Lend me an ear,

before you start thinking,

which tint comes next

Mis Write said, winking,

using two fingers

as she was talking,

to skim tome

by home phone,




The first clue

for this hue–

I’ve already told you,

it’s the same color ribbon

tied for our soldiers,

the shade of the Brick Road

that leads you to Oz,

this card

(in ball yards)

gives players pause.


The stain of the jersey

at Tour de France

that’s lately


by blood-doping Lance,

The wash of the Hack

Checkers detest,

besides what–

–its scared guts

keep cowards dressed.


It’s Fever,

& Stone Parks,

and tabloid reporting,

–where facts

are X factors–

and therefore distorted,

it stimulates thought

& shows paper’s age,

since pages

in stages,



There’s no more

to co–lore

Mis Write decided,

abandoning tome

to tick facts she’d cited,

flipping her Ipod

to lyric specific,

the mellowest


hint yet, to cinch it.


If you missed the start of this deconstructed rainbow, and want to fill in the colors, click thru below!




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