Rainbow Rip Series: Green


This tint when lighted,

means “hit the gas”



links made of grass,

where woods & rackets

mallets & irons,

array those

to play foes,

in club card environs.


Back in its Day

& after its Peace,

It meant men from

Mars–prefaced by wee,

its thumb’s

always welcome

in all the world’s garden.

It Means Joe

–and Joe’s dough!

In everyday jargon.


Attached to a horn,

it signals first-timers.

Before a house,

it regulates climates.

Added to breakfast,

it elevates square–

from ham & eggs boring…

to ham & eggs rare!

Mis Write informed me

hands plating air.


It’s hue, too,

of monster

eyeing the fence,

certain the lawn

on other side’s kept–

better, and wetter–

like pastures less blighted,

which care is

the welfare

of resident Giant.


The last hint to tint,

is hefted to toast,

Saint Patrick & crew

(whatever their boast)

It’s hoppy–

and popping,

with well-draughted foam,

Topping Beer

colored Vert–

like the green of this poem!





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