Rainbow Rip Series: Blue

The ending–

is pending,

Mis Write declared.

The next cast,

the second to last

that we’ll share.

Happening only,

once in a moon,

(out of itself)

into wild yonder, too.


It’s front for

the Brothers,

rocking the stage,

staining the collars

of minimum wage–


at clerking–

& unskilled professions,

dying the face

of gossiping sessions.


It’s seen in between–

screwed & tattooed,

Following black,

it signals a bruise.

Filtering flicks,

the pigment of porn,

it courses the blood

of those highly born,

Mis Write continued,

(with something like scorn.)


This hue defines

a whole music genre,

Shading the code

of hospital drama,

coloring ribbons

wanted at meets,

uplifting truth–

past cheat and deceit,

swearing–the while–

itself on a streak.


Do you think

that you know it?

Mis Write demanded,

Since if you don’t

you might be remanded,

by the last–

hint to tint,

you’ll find in this verse.

Those boys dressed

in lead vests–

Blue, is the word!


Catch up with the other hue clues below. 🙂








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