Rainbow Rip Series: Orange

We better move on,

Mis Write explained.

Since parting

a rainbow

in idiom game,

winnows to waves,

in most nomenclature,


a gauge

that color codes nature.


Hue number 2

bears out these words.

It’s Agent.

It’s Clockwork.

It’s also suburb.

in counties

of Cally–

and Florida, too,

this shade is favored,

for prison jumpsuits.


It’s one half

a ratio–

that’s frequently made.

The color of caution

when conically shaped.

A key shade of pigment

for October fests,

as despite

it’s brightness

a squash wears it best.


This color

means trouble

–if suffering asthma–

and indicates terrorists

bent on disaster.

It de-germs a surface

when bottled as cleaner,

it’s zesty!

It’s tested–

ironically greener.


Enough with the clues!

The hinting,

and talking.

It’s the same hue

as citrus in

most Yule stockings,

tacked to a mantle

or draped on a door hinge,

the hue I’ve described

is clearly bright orange!



In case you missed the first of this series deconstructing rainbows…click on thru below!


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