Rainbow Rip Series: Red

Riddle me this–

said little Mis Write,

what type of color

inspires fights?

Which is the tint

whetting the hunger?

the hue…

is it blue?

Or other–

I wonder?


What shade

of rainbow–

paints thieving hands?

What color button

bombs on command?

What tinted coinage

reveals its lack?

Is it purple?

Or green?

That’s opposite black?


Tell me!

(I’m curious!)

The color of light–

found in the seedier

districts at night.

And what about tape?

hampering trade?

Is it yellow?

Or orange?

That causes delay?


What shade of paint

goes clubbing downtown?

And what kind of politics

keep whole nations down?

What color eye–

flies coast to coast?

And disguises fishes,

better than most?

Is it silver–or gold?

A little of both?


It’s neither,

nor any–I’ve

mentioned before,

It’s as plain as that tired

old ditty of yore,

equating petals

to sugary scents

to love–

and to you,

the color is red!

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