Rainbow Rip Series (finale): Sum Parts

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

The rainbow path

might seem divided,

separate, as I’ve indited,

that’s not right–

Mis Write confided,

as beams of

Light are all

♦ United ♦

–and all that is–

is surely lighted.


Chasing rainbows

taught me well,

the nature

of ephemeral,

of reaching

for a pot of gold

you can’t quite see–

and never hold,

–the phrase itself

a veiled scold–


I myself prefer

to think–

of bow as magic

bridge to link–

the living state

& Great Beyond,

a spectral curve

of passing bond,

its radiance from

God’s own wand.


For didn’t Dorothy

long to go,

O’er fleeting

rain-brought bow?

To distant lands

in lofty dreams,

found at end of

sun-kissed beams?

She did indeed,

Mis Write decreed.


But more than all

I’ve said before,

of variegated

beamish lore,

the arc can stand

for harmony,

of love beyond identity,

bigger still than

–all its parts–

is banded sum of rainbow arc.

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