it’s Always Light in Alaska

there is no

“just right”


of the wrong thing–

no “this” in lieu of “that”

no “just today” and “starting tomorrow”

no freeze that won’t thaw and

definitely no Goldilocks breakthrough

(without bear)

to the other side of “shouldn’t”.


no Doors for one thing,


Airplane rabbit looping back-to-back

–the Other Side just shades of


DID >   < DT4

(fill in the acronym)

in the last place?


Not for sugar

(too little, Jones)

Or booze

(too much, Ralph)

or circular mind games

(introducing: me! the Jerk–in starring role)

there is no way out

just through

–thinking out-of-box thoughts

in carton inspected by Schroedinger

(courting mortal odds)

–coloring outside lines

w invisible ink,

(equipping gallery w special glasses)

–playing by rules

that level

(but don’t square)


skipping reprimand

of all origin.

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