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“Deal.” Cody says, in a commanding tone to the Duke. He’s so excited to start the game of Blind Man’s Bluff he’s drooling. His enthusiasm is contagious; his anxious fidgets riling the other assembled poker players to the point the room’s become a cacophony of twitching gamblers, and howling card sharks, and for a moment, the Duke wishes the door in the kitchen had been shut for the day already when Cody had arrived. Cody’s too excitable by far, is what it is, and flicking cards toward the group assembled around the felted green table with random precision, Duke squashes his instinct to instantly retrieve them by scraping divots with his overly long nails into each released card’s patterned back. His mark, and his party, and he damn well doesn’t care what the other players think about it, either.

In seconds the players have their hands—as well as their attitudes…

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