Pie in the Sky

and a Never After…Happy Day o’ Labors…

Charron's Chatter

It’s been too long

between the tales

of Fairies unangelic,

of ever afters

light on laughter

in places unidyllic…

That’s not to say

those written there

are always the benighted,

as Little Bic—

Lighter Chick

keeps the place well-lighted.

A hapless smoker

she often toked her—

self an evening Phattie,

bought a Bic

to do the trick

and lost out on her happy—

ending since

without a pinched—

expression, and some Matches,

her story bored

—the overlord

of Fairy Tale actors.

That picky dude

was pretty rude

when cutting her from classics,

but not as bad

as surgeon that

altered Beast with plastics,

and while the process

to slim proboscis

was Hollywood effective,

the newfound cutie

learned 2 Beauties

altered tale’s objective.

Like Chicken Big

missed out on Gig

when diet proved undoing,

the nervous bird

screamed out wrong words

at crux of reader viewing,

that piggish hen

was eating…

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