Artful Letter

a fun poem.

Charron's Chatter


Traveling one day,

from point B to A

a backward relay

–passing letters…


Glancing at C

Lighting up D

those artful graphemes

just got better…


I sent out an E!

No F words, but G!

Just look at these things

they’re so squiggly!


H, I, J, K

and JK is great!

What L indicates

–when you’re giggly…


M, N, O, P,

was operative, see

was best M O D

for an answer,


to question Q posed

since Q‘s one of those

letters P goes with

for standard…


The rest of my trip

went by so quick

before I knew Y

I was sleeping–


‘catching some Z‘s…

before a repeat…

As right after A

there’s B keeping!

©Karen Robiscoe

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