Geddon your Arm Workout

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Charon’s Ferry

(bait and tackle)

set up shop near River Styx,

at its nexus

south of Texas

selling river-crossing trips,

the only charge

to ride that barge

a coin between your lips

assuming death

has stopped your breath

when booking you on ship….

& once aboard

with demon horde

you’ll find there’s much to do,

since power boats

don’t cross the moat

between Abyss and you,

>at very least<

that Charon beast

expects you work the crew,

so bring a paddle

like other chattel

‘fore jumpin’ on canoe.

Then feel free

(the last you’ll be)

to look around the lake,

some residents

¡were presidents!

but there’s no Watergate

no Hoover dam

but Dick’s herb and

that’s mood Depressing shake

(Herb shovels sh*t

around the Pit

with pointless, taxing rakes)

There’s Bordens, too

and Gorgons, who

are not as stoned as last time

it’s best to peek

with glance oblique


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