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Back in those days

ahh! What I thought…

What an awful lot I thought…

Too much, and unspoken.

I was going to be for you—

and you for me

and it would have been perfect.


and that was how it was going to be,

and it would have been forever.

But like Pink Floyd says

“One day you wake to find…”

and who even knows about?

The waters are mixed.

The feelings still pure,

and intent, too—

somehow backfired.

Not “as usual”

but it happened before…

I just never noticed

any pattern until then.

But days are new again

and ohh! What I think…

What an awful lot I think…

So much, and some written.

How I could be for you—

—and you for me

and how that would be perfect.


if it was

and it would be forever.

©Karen Robiscoe

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