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Karen Robiscoe dba shenanigans

Linked bracelets keep arms from flying,

and money-colored nails crucify palms in pointed, pointless stigmata

Curb but create a fisting problem, along with

matching ring cuffs which

Eyeballed size is so off eventual amputation

is a shoo in,

and ultimate, future ice-breaker, besides.

as in: “nice nubs–is that hereditary?”

Belt skips leg up loops

but bands gut feeling

(more effective than surgery for wait control)

while thinking caps damn overflowing brains

though some synapses spill out that little flap in the back, anyway…

That flap that gives way altogether on the swelled heads lockering average minds

releasing collateral mediocrity into the atmosphere like so many GHG’s.

Jackrabbit feet





(start and stop and start and stop and start and stop and so on—losing any sincere punctuation along the way)

held back))))

by broken streetlights,

and sock puppet races.

by tightly-laced shoes,

and missing bootstraps,

by sick sense

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