Starstruck Bit aka Ode to Shel

missing piece, I

fell into a whole

that fabled one that opens up when

the world’s out of sync

–and full’a holes—
and it felt like enough

aka too much

for a coupla’ decades

aka a coupla’ hours

wedgied but good

and shaving off bits to

afford a better fit

–mostly my bits—

near’ every day

a Grimm sister

not even that ugly

determined to trip

center stage in

fantastically back-lit

strip-her heels

or at least, twirl that May-pole like it was more

than Mayday’s

first …



senior prom,

(but Carrie’s senior prom to alibi all that run-off from charm-less wannabes)

and after a spin around that dance floor

it’s little wonder

I hit the ground running—

without shoe


missing peace…


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