electron flavors, but quarks charm…

emotions are the electron of the psyche

they can be in two places at once

like it/hate it—it’s true

and in that sense are hard to harness–

let alone .pin down.

–cell-mates be damned, these

doppelgangers drop all kind’a dimes

divvied as ante while

desire deals


dread fans cards—

sometimes rummy, sometimes fish, sometimes war

love & loathing load pendulum

that’s no metronome, but ticks all the same

glad for the tide

but glum about waves

even Schroedinger’s

these charged quick-change artists

are anything but still, take for example:


they reflex and react all over the place, knee jerk style

and you’ve only to look at the word eMotion:


to see movement takes place…


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