the only surprise is the title

Her write side was the prettiest…

–the one left,

her profile blown away

to side’less hall–

–oh! an open-air

amphitheater, really,
for the Flinstones of the world

pull ‘em up

and get me some of dem


conservative republicans all the same,

and dot com normal*

*normal in the insane sense of the word, of course, and generally

the third definition down

so tsk-tsk

(those elbow-huggers)

so tut-tut

(just look at those cave men go)

so lickin’ chicken, stone throwin’, finger-waggin’ good…

(those butchers)

5 little red flyers, an’ only 4

pointin’ where they oughta’

pinnin’ tails on donkeys

(those elephants)

when they oughta’

really oughta’—

kiss dem some




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