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What are the odds the purpose of this blog post is to give you the skinny on where you can purchase my latest publication? Dead even, I’d say, and I should know—I’m the one writing it. Yes, it’s the best of times here at the homestead slash writing castle since I am once again able to announce a story I wrote has gone to press. No, not the ironing kind of press, though flash fiction: Poker Farce is a part of an anthology you can dogear, should your taste run to hardcopy, and also download for virtual Kindling if you prefer the PDF format–which any tech-savvy reader will tell you stands for potential digital fire.

Which this journal ison fire. All kidding and kindling aside, I am gobsmacked honored to be included in the 2nd edition of Oddisms, a collection of fabulous weirdness and short stories brought to you by FTB Press. Yes kids, discerning editors dba liked my “once upon” well enough to publish it all the way through “the end”, despite a glaring lack of trolls, breadcrumbs, and distressed damsels in between. More than a play on the hit GaGa song,  Poker Farce bluffs its way through a board game, a ghost story, a hand of 5 Card Draw the likes of which you’ll like plenty.

Or will you? The only way to know is call my bluff, and buy a copy of Oddisms. Available at Amazon and other nearby rainforests, this author keeps company with so many other great authors the stakes are raised exponentially. Authors such as: Poe, Steinbeck , Danielle Steele, and Dear Abby to name a few…or do I? With deuces through one-eyed jacks wild, it’s anyone guess, so book your flight to Brazil today—drop by Amazon, pick up Oddisms, and deal yourself into this winning hand.

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