Can’t Poach This

Q: What isn’t an egg, yet Hardboiled

–neither notre, nor Cagney co-star, but Dames

–and writing the wrong of Sin?


Give up? I know I did! On the riddle, but that’s beside the point. The point is my fiction: Stripper Heels is now available for purchase at Amazon in the anthology: Hardboiled: Dames and Sin

and you should Tourette’s click over there, and buy that…uh…bad boy.  Buy 2, and level a wobbly bookcase, if you want, but Dubai–a city in the Middle East, but that’s also beside the point. Too bad, since it’s a bucks up kinda place, that Do Buy is…but oh, I do gress…oops…digress.

dames and sin

in digital, and dogear format, both.



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