headshotMs.  Robiscoe is a delighted but distant member of Phi Theta Kappa & honors grad of SBCC. Currently residing in those first 2 initials, she’s better described by these: LQTM, as well as a product of white flour Cheerios & disinterested parenting.

A perennial daydreamer, Karen spends most days looking for her car keys, wondering why the Mayans were wrong, & writing tiny notes to herself on anything that will bear ink.

While the aspiring novelist has had poetry, short fictions & creative non-fiction published, Spirited Remix is her debut novel. Follow its trek to publication right here at: CHARRON’s CHATTER.

Publications & Nods:

“Learning the Ropes” –4/21/2017 equipment review published in the Montecito Journal

“A Yoga Experience” -4/06/2017 review of Iyengar Yoga practitioner published in the Montecito Journal

“Relax, Refresh, and S T R E T C H” -3/16/2017 article about stretching published in the Montecito Journal

“Conditioning at Prevail Conditioning” -3/02/2017 gym review published in the Montecito Journal

“Health & Fitness Apps” –1/21/2017 exercise apps review published in the Montecito Journal

“Trip to Tone Up Town” –12/21/2016 exercise studio review published in the Montecito Journal

“Once Upon a Different Time” & “Cindy’s Fella”–12/16/2016 poem and short story published in anthology: After the Happily Ever After by Transmundane Press

“Belle of the Ball” –11/22/2016 equipment review published in the Montecito Journal

“Five Ways to Fitness”–10/27/2016 review published in the Montecito Journal

“Montecito Natural Foods”–9/22/2016 review published in the Montecito Journal

“Yogi Movement’s Healthy Activism”--9/01/2016 review published in the Santa Barbara Independent

“On Track & on the Run”–8/18/2016 interview published in the Montecito Journal

“Ice-Cream at the Finish Line”–8/16/2016 event preview published in the Santa Barbara Independent

“Walking the Waves”–8/3/2016 article published in the Montecito Journal

“Gimme the Nite”–07/22/2016 article published in the Montecito Journal

“Going for the Gold”–07/14/2016 article published in the Montecito Journal

“Stow House Concert Series”–07/07/2016 article published in the Santa Barbara Independent

Stripper Heels 07/07/2016 short fiction published by Dead Guns Press, Hardboiled edition #3

“A Community of Conditioning”–06/24/2016 article published in the Montecito Journal

“Brass Bartender Mixology Competition”–06/17/2016 article published in the Santa Barbara Independent

“Gear to Get”–06/09/2016 article published in the Santa Barbara Independent

“The Montecito Athletic Club” –06/02/2016 article published in the Montecito Journal

“Run to Surf June 4th”–06/02/2016 article published in the Santa Barbara Independent

“Wine Country Half-Marathon This Weekend”–05/02/2016 article published in the Santa Barbara Independent

“Spelling Out Y-M-C-A”–04/27/2016 article published in the Montecito Journal

“Right Moves at Nite Moves”–04/21/2016 article published by Santa Barbara Independent

“Get Fit!”–04/2016 hardcopy article published by Mesa Paper

Habits & Schaden-Freud–04/2016 (2) poems published by 300 Days of Sun at Arizona, Issue #3

Poker Farce–03/2016, flash fiction published by FTB Press

Dr. Hamfist–01/2016, short story published by Peachfish Magazine

3 Hour Tour–12/2015 poem, published by Broken City, Remotely Controlled issue

Violet Rain–11/2015, poem published by Lunch Ticket journal at Antioch, Los Angeles

PMS Diatribe –11/2015–short story published by Blue Crow Journal, issue #4

wUnderland–11/2015–poem published by Sand Canyon Review

Talking Shop–11/2015–poem published by Main Street Rag

With Sugar on Top–10/2015, poem published/featured by Silver Birch Press, My Sweet Word series

Piecemeal Photosynthesis & Home-Nyms 08/2015–2 poems published by Midnight Circus

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door  4/2015–essay published in Volume #9 of Meat for Tea

Ferry Tale Endings  10/2014–poem published by Gangleri’s Grove

“Good Penny”  05/2014–villanelle published by Steam Ticket: a Third Coast Review

Word Mosaics” 02/2014–chapbook published by Fowlpox Press.

“Fairy Tale Hive”  10/2013–12 poem limerick series in Bohemia Journal ***

“Silent Night” 09/2013–short story in Scary Story (anthology)

“The Poseidon Adventure” 09/2013–poem in Bohemia Journal

“Santa Barbara White Fire Nearly Contained” 05/31/ news article syndicated on Yahoo News Network

Tossed & Found short story–in 07/2013 print/e-Book edition: Dark Light 3 (CH & BB Publishing)

What Happens in Vegas short story–in 04/2013 print edition PstD Volume #3 (Postscripts to Darkness)

1 of 2 Featured Literary Artists in 9/1/2012 edition of: Art4TheHomeless Webzine

Qualified in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Awards 2012 – General Fiction category.

Semi-Finals in SFWPA annual writing contest 2009 (excerpt)

Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest 78th Annual Writing Contest, 2009, Mainstream Literary Division (excerpt)

Wash Day poem–e-published 6/2012 by: Handful of Dust (on page 10)

“New Shoes” poem published 06/2008 by: SPECTRUM Anthology at UCSB, edition CLVV

“The Write Ingredients” poem published 06/2007 by: SPECTRUM Anthology at UCSB, edition CLVIV

*** = To purchase hard-copies of Bohemia Magazine featuring Fairy Tale Hive in its 12 poem entirety, click here: Buy BOHO

47 Responses to “BIO”

  1. Truly awesome blog you have here… I shall be back..x

  2. You are a natural writer and true talent. Looking forward to reading more of your works.

    • Likewise! I could see right away from your excerpt that you are a thoughtful and intelligent future bestseller yourself. Your arrangement and word choice was outstanding in its balance; a slippery slope with such a scintillating topic. A real pleasure to meet you in the Blogosphere. 🙂

    • My thoughts echo yours about your writing. Your words are concise, animated and dance with life. A rare gift and a pleasure to read. With best wishes, 🙂

  3. Wonderful Blog- love and blessings

  4. Karen,
    Instant blog love. Shame on you.
    Le Clown

  5. Nicely blog….I enjoy this so much.

    If you have time on your hands,- come by my page to read my new blog. Feedback’s are much appreciated.

  6. Thanks for following Clip Snark! I hope it brings a laugh or two! 🙂

  7. Great site – appreciate your words much!

  8. Great site! I love seeing other writers’ efforts to attempt to gauge my own.

  9. Hi, Karen,
    You have been nominated for a REALITY blog award – see details at . Enjoy your award

  10. jalal michael sabbagh. Reply November 30, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    Thank you for revisiting my site.l appreciate that.Have a wonderful day.jalal

  11. To think we lived right next to each other and never chanced to meet… assuming the SB means what I think it means. And yet, you found me today! Thank you for visiting and following the Farmlet! ~Lynda

    • Hi Lynda!

      I see you are a transplant from the Golden State (lucky duck that you are, an’ living the dream) did you live in SB, then? I’ve been here 20 odd years or so, and I bartended for a stretch, so I met lots of people…mayhap yourself? How cool to now meet online. A small world, no doubt…:)

    • I grew up in the Pomona area, and as an adult lived on the beach side of Santa Ana, moved to Rialto when I got married, and then to Claremont (by the Colleges). Now we are here. I attended CSUSB and later CalPoly Pomona.

    • hmmm…we definitely walked a similar path. I lived in the Pomona area for about a year–worked at: Ma Barker’s…! Back in the day. I’m mostly a coastal kid–SD, to Laguna to here, although I lived up North in Mendo for a bit. The dream is to buy a farm, of course, before buying the farm…:)

  12. Cally gurl, I come again bearing the Christmas gift of the nomination for the blog of the year 2012 award. Just click on the link and follow the rules.

  13. Karen nice reading about you, it will take some time but it seems you have a great blog.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

  14. Dear Karen…as one of our most loyal and active followers in 2012, we wanted to say thank you and wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!! All the best to you! Hovercraftdoggy

    • Well, how sweet are you! And talented; you folks at Hovercraftdoggy snap some of the clearest–and most unusual—photos out here in cyber-land. I visit several favorite and outstanding photography sites regularly, but yours tops the list…heck, it hovers just above the list…hehe. Happy 2013 to you too, and snap on, doggies!!

  15. Lost Creek Publishing Reply December 31, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Yes! Photos of the Himmies please!

  16. Lost Creek Publishing Reply December 31, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    Well, I don’t have a password to many, many, things. That’s ok, it just makes me curious.

    • I’ve given you the password,
      hidden in this riddle,
      think of Gilda Radner
      distorting TV fiddle…

      Preface that deduction
      with the opposite of yes…
      If you guessed correctly ——–
      You’ll be reading more, not less!


  17. You are such a versatile writer, Charron! And a great person!
    Very interesting and cozy blog! And I’m really happy to meet you! 🙂
    By the way, your love of animals is noble! I’ll be reading more of your posts, there are still so many to discover 🙂
    And thank you for the precious technical tips on my Gravatar portal! I really appreciate you noticed and helped me out with that!
    Lots of Love,

    • Maybe too many…* sigh *. And I adore your awakened outlook and informed intelligent writing. Who knows? We may change the world yet…my long-term goal being campaigning for animal rights, whereas the writing hopes to provide that means. Peace to you, Sofia Siberia! You are good to know…

    • Wish you all the luck, Charron! People with noble aims get the total support and protection of the Universe!

  18. AnElephantCant think of anything clever to say
    This happens time after time
    But he wants you to know
    That he likes you and so
    He says hello with this silly rhyme

  19. Hii Karen, I’ve nominated you for an award, kindly check out dis link when you have the time.

  20. Merci pour le fait d’ajouter!!! d–0.o–b Ciao!

  21. I love your hair! 😀 And your writing! 😀 More power to you! 🙂

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