The FM in Farmer’s Market

The FM in Farmer’s Market could stand for Fantastic Musicians as easily as frequency modulation stands for the manner in which radio signals are broadcast, since the modulations of the street musicians performing at the Saturday Market were definitely that. Toss in food, fresh air, and friendly faces, and voilà. That’s the Santa Barbara’s Farmer’s Market in a locally-grown nutshell, pitching tents & taking orders each Saturday until 1 pm, at the intersection of Santa Barbara & Cota streets.


…And going the distance. We’ll get back to what soothes the savage beast later-—in great and varied detail— but for now, let’s consider the market’s obvious draw: the produce, pantry, crafts & flora. Beyond the square block radius it spans, the market’s mix of pesticide free, and/or organic, and/or humanely farmed foodstuffs is guaranteed free of Monsanto’s evil, long-reaching arm—making any trek you make to market worth theirs. I mean, who wants Franken-food? Not me! Not even a little bit, and besides. Buying local also helps lessen the already light carbon footprint these farmers & growers leave, hailing as they do, from Santa Ynez to Paso Robles, Los Olivos to Carpinteria, and nearby Goleta, too! But why blather on, when you could get your virtual veggie on, instead?

Come with!

If I could add a fresh burst of just cut citrus to that flip-through, along with the heady aroma of hyacinth & roses, we’d really be in business. There’s always lots of samples to enjoy, and knowledge to be garnered from these informed vendors while you snack, too. From nutritional content, to method of farming, to serving & storing suggestions, those that want to can dot all those “i’s & t’s”. Try getting that kind of 411 from the grocery store!

411 is good!

Shout out to Farm Peeps: Noey & Noey’s Mama at the Ladybug Green-stand, Nadia of the didgeridoo, and the Boomer family associated with Santa Barbara Pistachio Company. Thanks, neighbors! You were all close-up ready! Even as this post is ready to close…

As promised, and in true George Castanza form, I’m ending this virtual, vegetable voguing on a high note–with a video of some of the ensconced musicians. If this quick byte whets your appetite, the Farmer’s Market is the best and most double entendre bet for sating both cravings–musical and organic. Come down for an encore when you can; there’s a market somewhere in our SB area every day, and you can find plenty of 411 at their website, linked above.

Bon Appetit…and rock on, Chickery-dooz!!

Click: Fabulous 50’s to go to another great Farmer’s market–this one in Cincinnati!

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