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Pink I

with pinking shears

I cut my slip,

quit my job

hit the bricks,
headed to a pub, and then–

drank till I saw elephants

–rosy red

like my eyes–

crossed & tossed

I didn’t drive,

leaving my pink Cadillac,

at Bruce’s bar

(parked out back)

walking home

I found fresh air

sobered me

–pinkie swear

next day woke up in the pink

house & mood

in spite of drink,

moral is

when getting pickled:

laugh it off


your tickle.


prompt: pink

Well Maid Peace

my lacquer,

is knackered,

is chipped, nicked and finished–

and clear,

my veneer

is dulled and diminished…




is cracking—no joke!

my varnish

so tarnished,

there’s no anecdote…

yes, I’ve lost

my gloss

tossed wrenches unneeded,

explains why

my wolf cry

is lately unheeded…

with bluster, though

luster grows

finding way back

to un-knick

my knacker,

and polish with wax,

a layer

mixing prayer

with skin newly formed…

in animate


patina unworn.


prompt: knackered

Sandals w’out Socks

Achilles was—


How to describe Achilles?

Perfect in every way

but prone

to pronation

–outer pronation



was most apparent when

he danced

(which was next to Never)

but in time

1-2, 1-2

he healed.


prompt: heal

Caged Lines

With yarns

I knit a cover


–writ 1, girl who—

wove a golden weave
some pearl,

some pattern,

some patchwork,

the killer quill’t

I fashioned


to blank-it

chill within

–but certainly let it out

which was fine

(if not fuzzy)


whipped flat

it spread

. . .

lying flat enough

with are-me corners

and strategically arranged cushions

disguising dropped stitches

–and most laughing matter, besides

yet duvet dossier

scratched the wrong itch

tickled the odd bone


the Sunday funnies

most lounge around

to read.


prompt: outlier



the Mom meter

I’m not the one,

to cluck a tongue,

if you say you’re sick. . .

I’ll turn and run!

(since sick ain’t fun)

I’ll hit those bricks so quick. . .


I’m not your

“aww” dience

(I’m not)

the one to bring you soup. . .

if brow is hot,

too bad I’ve got,

better things to do. . .


so suck it up,

and sweat it out,

and do it on your own. . .

don’t breathe

on me!

don’t sneeze

(take C)

and for God’s sake

–stay at home!


prompt: elixir

ya ThinK?

I am zippin’ it.

Letting myself

off the hook, I

won’t push buttons

any longer.

‘Keeping tabs


and pinnin’ Velcro

I find life

a snap,


–after a fasten,


prompt: abstract

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