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Day Hike

terrain unknown

and powerful steep,

I journey. . .

forgotten language
of maps

torn in two

and crumpled into crannies

–a new kind of nonsense


hooded I–

shiver under sweat

find pocks


by touch,

gaze fixed to

sparkling mirage


–neither God, nor Son, but mine–

reflecting from shattered



To Aunt Nym

I collected crowds.

Pinned with hatpins

to observe close-up

–surfers, bikers, stoners,

academics &

athletes of all kind

I’d peg myself, too,

–such a square, I needed circles–



‘til they dampened

leather & chains

–worn to distance myself

from pipes that burned

& quills clipped to locks

on lowest high corner

I’d switch, then, too



less dum



–good for earnestly peering at things

with telescoped neck

a connection uninjured

on account of those

unpinned helmets I also wore

–now I dunno—

I’ve considered Maid Marianne’s,

and thought about headdresses

forsaking skullies long ago

–maybe I’ll just go

hatless, now.

Absorb vitamin K

for a while.



If punctuation was animate,

underline would be that nosy, gossip person

–lurking nearby trying to overhear, and making too much out of things.

Italics would be an exotic foreigner, speaking with an accent, and unfairly favored because of this.

The bolded ones would be fat. Loud-mouthed and opinionated, they would hang out with ampersands: &

Hyphens would be your home-boy, your drinkin’ buddy, and bro’

droppin’ g’s, & comin’ up with the latest slang-thang alla time…

–the M dash would obviously be in a hurry to get to the next sentence–

and the exclamation point would take things personally! ‘Would make mountains outta molehills, and twitch! ‘Dropping things from pockets, and dropping more when leaning to retrieve those things!

The period would be boring. ‘Would be a nine-to-fiver, with pens inna breast pocket of a short-sleeved dress blouse.

the question mark would be curious, obviously, perplexed by Q’s, and the philosophical ones would be perplexed by A’s, as well. These would be the long-winded ones, and really? I think that redirection would stem from subconscious resentment of its hump-backed state…

and the ellipses would go on and on and on—kinda like this—and never know when to stop…


Final thought: why doesn’t punctuation incorporate itself into its term?





exc!amation point




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