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To Aunt Nym

I collected crowds.

Pinned with hatpins

to observe close-up

–surfers, bikers, stoners,

academics &

athletes of all kind

I’d peg myself, too,

–such a square, I needed circles–



‘til they dampened

leather & chains

–worn to distance myself

from pipes that burned

& quills clipped to locks

on lowest high corner

I’d switch, then, too



less dum



–good for earnestly peering at things

with telescoped neck

a connection uninjured

on account of those

unpinned helmets I also wore

–now I dunno—

I’ve considered Maid Marianne’s,

and thought about headdresses

forsaking skullies long ago

–maybe I’ll just go

hatless, now.

Absorb vitamin K

for a while.


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