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Write Angle


You have to carpe diem

or fate will pass you by…

since seeing carp

— don’t free ’em —

for that you need to fly *

so don’t wait–

* bait & seize ’em

unless you don’t fish fry…

©Karen Robiscoe

prompt: fry


Sandals w’out Socks

Achilles was—


How to describe Achilles?

Perfect in every way

but prone

to pronation

–outer pronation



was most apparent when

he danced

(which was next to Never)

but in time

1-2, 1-2

he healed.


prompt: heal

Caged Lines

With yarns

I knit a cover


–writ 1, girl who—

wove a golden weave
some pearl,

some pattern,

some patchwork,

the killer quill’t

I fashioned


to blank-it

chill within

–but certainly let it out

which was fine

(if not fuzzy)


whipped flat

it spread

. . .

lying flat enough

with are-me corners

and strategically arranged cushions

disguising dropped stitches

–and most laughing matter, besides

yet duvet dossier

scratched the wrong itch

tickled the odd bone


the Sunday funnies

most lounge around

to read.


prompt: outlier



Still–I am

I’ve shuttered up


put a sock in it

–a 1,2 punch line

resembling a close line,

and floored

–find ground

steady as she goes,

the last stage

of me


and why

–and other mutant platitudes–

in keeping

with my transmutation.


prompt: pause

the Mom meter

I’m not the one

to cluck a tongue

if you say you’re sick

I’ll turn and run

since sick ain’t fun

I’ll hit those bricks so quick

I’m not your

“aww” dience

I’m not

the one to bring you soup

if brow is hot

too bad I’ve got

better things to do

so suck it up

and sweat it out

and do it on your own

don’t breathe

on me

don’t sneeze

take C

and for God’s sake

–stay at home!

prompt: elixir

Otherwise–it’s Ordinary

every poet

needs a

Moose. . .

a stampeding


to Rip


from the



every writer

needs a

Mouse. . .

–a pen pal

that clicks

just like a regular pen

–off and on–





every wordsmith

needs a

Moos. . .

since having cows

is part of


–a process

of moon jumps

that define

bovine inspiration.


every artiste

needs a Maws. . .

a >^^<

that couldn’t

curse her

–note extraneous


(for electronic)



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