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Inna Row

weekends are workdays

now Monday is huMped,

a travelin’


front of week bumped,

cloven hooved leapin’

assures TGI,

is eff

in the middle

–by eff I mean fry. . .

now first days,

are worst days,

and start with a hiss. . .

no sittin’

no sunnin’

all that, but no this

just Thursdays

are normal,

are SOP fresh,

hammertime happenin’

the rest are a mess…


prompt: loop

The point is…they were stealing a candelabra…and other, obfuscated points…

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTERthe taper caper

lost its luster,

at guttering

–of candle cluster

lacking light, the vagabonds

–could not with

the ‘bra

abscond. . .

ensuing darkness



addressed abating,

of needed light to clinch the crime

–resulting in a hefty fine

since thieves are never


for crime or time

and all related

–debts incurred while planning heist


the theft of lights.


prompt: taper


Book 2

I ripped off Jumbo

bandaid slow

–but hurt hella fast

long as cut ran and

deeper than blood flowed and

worse than in truth


Exorcism bed

excision spewing

forth offal bad

I tried everything and


to staunch

septic wound but had

to turn away

(from myself)


hating horror flicks like I do and



unable to escape


bled out loud


Laugh Scribbles

I whipped

me up

some Giggle Jots

skipped the oven

fought the wok

rollin’ ‘em

in sin o’ men

fried in lye

her to him

cooked ‘em

‘til they bounced

from pan

into palm

burnt my hand

next time I’ll buy


skip the drama

wok is foe.


prompt: imaginary cookie baking endeavor 😉


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