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Googol it

one is just single

a couple is 2,

several is more

–but less than a few

many is multi,

as is too much. . .

lots is like seconds–

thirds is a bunch

oodles are scads

–or googol by name

from here on the scale–

one and the same.

Chuck and Butt

I wonder if guys ever

look at their butt?

checkin’ behind them–

seein’ what’s what—

peekin’ past shoulder,

beholdin’ the view

the left cheek,

&   right cheek,

& pair of them,


when men hit the bricks,

do they know the way. . .

they look as they





–is it a factor

when purchasing pants?

appearance of

) rear (

in the mirror by chance?

or are glances only

a girlish affair?

to double-take

jeans shapin’

ole’ derriere. . ?


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