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Googol it

one is just single

a couple is 2,

several is more

–but less than a few

many is multi,

as is too much. . .

lots is like seconds–

thirds is a bunch

oodles are scads

–or googol by name

from here on the scale–

one and the same.

wOo girl (from the Block)

How to win




and influence people

(made of fiction)

–first, write

a note of apology

. . .

— love letters lamenting & lining up alliteratively

like a

“to do” list, but a “to do” list with character!



maybe even a diphthong or 2, enabling the creation

of prototypes every novel needs, if no perfume before

checking boxes.

invisible boxes in Original PC



a time___

& sending expansive flowered


— purpled prosies,

gilded girdeds, and

rose of sharron–

their way

–somewhere off synapse route #66

(where else!)

followed by changing weighs.

Personal weighs.

Permuting poetic measures of an intrinsically different caliber

that can be hard to discern without rule initially, so skip the acronym–

next honey.

not saccharine, not sugar,

and most decidedly not stevia,

this all natural state of mind is



ensuring the pretend pals are themselves agreeable

to palette, pen, and projection

and making up for better company, instead of just desserts

–finally presence.

undivided presence of mime, and why not?

imaginary friends are


target audience

for the ole

“fake it til you make it” axiom,

tying in coincidentally with checking boxes but

what else?

well, presence.

–of mind, this time

that necessarily implies


of mine

–which in fact AND fantasy–


those same imaginary friends

–gone missing.



the sOmething in nOthing

the void conjures

. . .

making silence hum


tinting white blue


mirror images long departed


disparate action in quantum fields


hues in darkest nights


the statue in the rock

. . .

its nothingness

the isness on which all


–a tapestry woven

in temporal fabric.

Sub Text

Smith is good with words

(all write)

and Art—with conversation,

Gabby’s gift is mainly

–discourse and oration. . .


Cathy likes to chat

(too much)

while Miles keeps the minutes,

Abel will debate the bull–

with doctors if they spin it


Simon’s prone to say

(it’s said)

all those on stage will whisper

but twisted—I—will scream and shout,

to lookie-loos and listeners. . .


When Veggies are Magic

why’d we call them


aren’t we talking

‘bout the horn?

square in brow

–a peg!

(a stick)

how did veggies

join the mix?

it ain’t a kernel

twixt those ears

–or corporal–

from what I hear,

I posit


should be replaced

ascribing roan

with horny face.


(                      )


we’re all so fully fallible–

our foibles→refillable

> inborn & instill-able <

–accept it

–to the syl•la•ble–

Enjoy it!

Make it

$ billable $

As facades

> though employable <

are fables for the


both sappy &

/ implacable /

a go-to for the

p  l i a b l e

a fallback

that’s detestable

unviable & liable

to render tender

* jest-able *

as bending truth is

^ laughable ^

& also Google trackable

exposing like Pinocchio

a posing braggadocio


it’s joke–



(deep breath)

…while frontages more facile…

Will prove that you’re no asshole.

Hard to wax poetic about dumbbells, although barbells…well. That’s a different story. Soz this. Read and enjoy if inclined…but not upright. Your back will thank you for it. (As do I)


He was a wayfaring

work of peace,

a wind traveler…

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