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Special Effect

Like a

3 day weekend,

life is better

with him in it–

Dessert when

you need to gain weight,

a back pat from peer–

–a winning scratcher,

he’s the


party you never expected. . .

a face from the past

popping up, now

–he’s prism & shine


No Michelangelo

He told me:

“all you did was grow up together”

missing malice,

as he wronged

–but I learned

I was


–to remember

–for wound

–to reveal

but he doesn’t know. . .

he doesn’t know the bond we had. . .



foxhole friends–

he couldn’t.

Inna Row

weekends are workdays

now Monday is huMped,

a travelin’


front of week bumped,

cloven hooved leapin’

assures TGI,

is eff

in the middle

–by eff I mean fry. . .

now first days,

are worst days,

and start with a hiss. . .

no sittin’

no sunnin’

all that, but no this

just Thursdays

are normal,

are SOP fresh,

hammertime happenin’

the rest are a mess…


prompt: loop

The point is…they were stealing a candelabra…and other, obfuscated points…

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTERthe taper caper

lost its luster,

at guttering

–of candle cluster

lacking light, the vagabonds

–could not with

the ‘bra

abscond. . .

ensuing darkness



addressed abating,

of needed light to clinch the crime

–resulting in a hefty fine

since thieves are never


for crime or time

and all related

–debts incurred while planning heist


the theft of lights.


prompt: taper


Book 2

I ripped off Jumbo

bandaid slow

–but hurt hella fast

long as cut ran and

deeper than blood flowed and

worse than in truth


Exorcism bed

excision spewing

forth offal bad

I tried everything and


to staunch

septic wound but had

to turn away

(from myself)


hating horror flicks like I do and



unable to escape


bled out loud


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