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It’s funny we say—Brrr-when we are cold, but there is no hot monosyllabic equivalent…if we swung to the opposite end of the alphabet—one off, you know–it could be Y. Y is it so damn hot…Y don’t we have a swimming pool…Y is the sidewalk melting?

Just sayin’

Do the Math-you

x(10) + 2 = a dozen Christian fanatics


is + Lam = you’d think they’d get along with Christians


Boo + diss = disputing the existence of ghosts, they believe in reincarnation


b(Hindu) = dwells on past mistakes


Confusion-ism = just rules to make sense of it all


Jewish = envy


spirit·U·al + l = spirit U all = best


Tired of resting on my laurels & sycamore, more, more society, I treed something else. ‘Went to the beech and met a nut named Ash. We became fast fronds—it helped he had weeds—I hope you conifer what I mean, wink wink

(I’m sequoia)

Anyway, we made a bract. A pithy bract, and if you’re aspen what kind of bract, well the core of it was:

f*ck yew & the horse you rhododendron…


©Karen Robiscoe


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