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dba Moonlight

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

Workin’ at clerkin’

a skill that I’d master

an artform

that’s patently



than rifling papers

or handling


or picking up phones

as drone paid to answer

FAQs from the masses

at bottom of



I’d climb up







like peers that predate me

as fast as I could

but don’t try to rate me

I’d square up with light

in energized weight, flee

mind-numbing work

much sooner than late, see

if Einstein could do it

what might my fate be?


Else I’d choose


to (round out)

my profile

constructin’ the frameworks

and layin’ the tiles

since hammers and nails

are still somewhat vital

and carpentry’s prideful

to take on as title

besides my friend Jesus

could back up my bio.

┬ęKaren Robiscoe

daily prompt: second job

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