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Googol it

one is just single

a couple is 2,

several is more

–but less than a few

many is multi,

as is too much. . .

lots is like seconds–

thirds is a bunch

oodles are scads

–or googol by name

from here on the scale–

one and the same.


It’s high-time the RANDOMS category of CHARRON’s CHATTER was updated from the BUMPER STICKER’s category to a full category of it’s own, because it’s become such a favorite to revisit & re-imagine this past year. At least this big a favorite: /———————————/ & stats like those don’t lie.

Random Chart


you can’t fudge this chart!

Impressive, right? And completely specific, besides, I invite you click a post at Randoms—pocket full of why—and find everything from overdue acronyms, to wordplays & rhymes, to parodies & thoughts disjointed enough to feature 4 & 20 blackbirds baked in a pie…


gif courtesy of: Sevenoaks Art

A posted pie, actually, and at super low temperature, too, so more “steam-roomed” in a pie. A spa day for the birds, really, and what about that? There aren’t many sites partial to chickens, blackbirds, sarcasm and words. (Random Fact) Best of all, every one of the verbal non-sequiturs you’ll read here are the original creation of myself, with the exception of a properly accredited quote or two. I’ll finish this particular creation by being less than random (and more than tedious) by reminding you to venture there from the link posted below, or from the tab in the banner menu.

Have fun in Left Field!!


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