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the sOmething in nOthing

the void conjures

. . .

making silence hum


tinting white blue


mirror images long departed


disparate action in quantum fields


hues in darkest nights


the statue in the rock

. . .

its nothingness

the isness on which all


–a tapestry woven

in temporal fabric.

Random Tiny Equation

silverware. . .

sometimes it’s plated

which is ironic,

if you think about it

–like saying an


car is tired,

and sometimes it’s beveled

–which is less funny, and mostly unnecessary–

like a Photoshop filter that perplexes. . .

sometimes forks

have 3 tines,

and sometimes 5,

and I dunno–

I prefer 5 to Trident

so I never gulp it down

by accident.

Sometimes spoons are


and sometimes

spoons are silver,

and sometimes spoons

are sporks!!

my favorite kinda spoon–

since we all knows what comes after spooning. . .


and if you rip open that plastic ware

well, spork you, right?

sometimes knives are


and sometimes

knives are kept

in back

–usually a last minute thing—

but I prefer

chomping at the bits, anyway

/ to cutting up __

since my farce is often lost

in translation,

and no matter how you do

 that math

–you need it to complete the set.


Over Easy

Life is

a recipe.

With mixes,

and blends,

and possible combinations

of infinite ingredients you

sometimes choose

and sometimes find

tossed in your cart–

by a mystery shopper

–when you’re not paying attention.


amateur chef show

you have a second to decide

–and a lifetime

how you tie the tid-bits together.

If it’s already processed,

it still can be changed–

Pan in hand and

menu plan on plate

–will you deep fry that Twinkie?

Toss it out, and eat the arguably more healthy cellophane?

and if it’s fresh

–but bland–

will you douse it with sauce

>sweet or savory<

char it on coals

/cut on the bias/

and garnish with herbs?

if it’s bitter

–will you sweeten?

it it’s sour

–are you cool?

if it’s a Costco pallet

of unplanned

>purchased without specs<

will you skip it altogether?

Or make a trifle all your own?

Will you say you’re

all thumbs

in the kitchen

–which we all can appreciate

or will you suffer a few burns

. . .

(roll up sleeves)

–and learn.

Sir Real & Mis Represent


My reflection

and my shadow are

the only friends I know–

the one confined,

to glass that shines,

the last to shiny sol–

all the same

they can’t be blamed

they’re escorts on the go.


I’m fostering the former

behind a pair

of Shades–

foster grants,

ensure the cant,

of double in charade–

and if they crack,

they can refract,

rainbows that won’t fade.


I’m walking with the latter

not under,

but around…

‘turn back to sun,

since sun’s the one,

to brighten what’s on ground–

the light and dark,

are 1 apart,

and in this fashion–bound.

©Karen Robiscoe

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