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in the energy field of all that is

we are crop circles

shaping humans

the same as clouds scud sky

I see a horsie!
by miraculous manicure

–it looks like a duck to me

clever clipping

it all comes down to math

primordial pruning

a strawberry landscape from

Jesus Scissorhands

ink–is the Word that comes next…

His tractor rigged with surf racks


Deere John Baptist

who boogie-boards his perceptions nearby

a cosmic sea cresting & crashing


foam into form

that best resembles Einstein’s silhouette,

each harvest

contingent on conditional

fallow or fortified


©Karen Robiscoe

Prose & Con(verse)


after the rain

do you see the bow?

or do you track mud,

wherever you go…

–in steps you don’t measure

–in boots made for walking

in loops,

but not lines,

that don’t lead to treasure?

& after the trials

are eyes open wider?

or do you walk gauntlet,

always the fighter…

–instincts you don’t curb

–in acts that prolong

in loops,

and in lines,

the thing that disturbs?

& after the strut

do you wait in wings?

of stage that is silent,

or hear angels sing…

–in tones that are gleaming

–where sound and light merge

in lines,

but not loops,

of lyrics redeeming?

since after the reign

& after all glory

a new page begins,

–and so does your story…


©Karen Robiscoe

A lil what-what this A.M. An essay I wrote was accepted for publication by journal: Meat for Tea. So yay. I am obviously seeing the rainbow today! Wishing the same for all would beez ought there. Pizza Out….

8 is Enough

you 2

can celebrate

the 1 god
a 3-some

so holy

it be 4 Noble Truths

astride 4 apocalyptic horses

–found in the Torah’s 5 books—

avoiding the






devil worship

filling 7 bowls

with 7

wrathful grapes

pips included

prior to embarking

on that ∞ ly folded

path to redemption

* ticks off fingers *

well, folded

at least


I was

never good

at math….

©Karen Robiscoe

Arch’ Ceilings


balloon_redStand Outs

Don’t Fit In

in the Best Ways

–and shouldn’t—



balloon_redare for

Porch Swings



are for Whimsy

balloon_redand Kneel


is a 70’s singer

–of some merit–



balloon_redFat Fiddles

tune differently



to the Harmony

balloon_redpretty much exclusively.




Off-the-Rack wears


Fits Ill


balloon_redtoo big

Too Small

never goldilocks right


–Hare Shirts at best,

these vested strictures

balloon_redare designed to

reflect Well

in Patent



©Karen Robiscoe


Pavlov’s Box


Like Timmy of TV-land lore

I’ve fallen in a



Unlike Timmy,

–of reliable best friend–


is dead.

the new Lassie

is a replaceable



and I

–in fact–

might be

that dog.

©Karen Robiscoe


bRane BuBBle


We are all just looking for someone like us. Someone who gets us, who looks at things the same way we do, or at least gets the spin. Who sees the absurd instead of the offensive, the possibilities instead of the reality, the point instead of the reference, and the comedy in the tragedy that is the macabre dance of life. For me this might be a tall order.


I rejoined a gym, and I go there, and I see us all there—20 years later—spit out by our experiences like some kind of end product of a Machiavellian machine; fashioned by an over-worked Seuss on a bender,, and sure, some of us have stars on our bellies, but most don’t. Most are stamped with tattoos, and bar codes, and worry lines instead of stars, the “too hep, gotta go” expression given way to a new mien: the realization that these hours comprising these days making up these weeks turning over these calendar years aren’t any kind of a warm-up. This is life—the real thing—and maybe it isn’t so effervescent, after all. Maybe it’s just the teensiest bit flat.

This is why it’s super important to find someone who burps.


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