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The Other Way

She lived on Long Island


traveled cursory fares to work

Manuel performed

for peanuts—an elephant, Manuel loved peanuts

fostered separation like a toddler

8 months…11 months…15 months…
spending power, and giving it away

she realized

in scuffed, scarred time

–she herself had suspended–

gold is for fools

diamonds are a manipulated, bloody market,

naiveté is more precious than jade

and rain–restorative

All Things Being Equal


x(10) + 2 = a dozen Christian fanatics


is + Lam = you’d think they’d get along with Christians


Boo + diss = disputing the existence of ghosts, they believe in reincarnation


b(Hindu) = dwells on past mistakes


Confusion-ism = just rules to make sense of it all


Jewish = envy


spirit·U·al + l = spirit U all = best


Better Off in the Base-Meant

the tore-nado hits

when we’re in the

wreck room


(playing house)

and though we run

for a portal

it’s sticks!


door jamb

–when a gale breaks the glass


and opting for

the sudden wind-OW

(Toto, too, roofing all over the house like mad)

we make our escape

onto the balcony,

not a shingle second too soon

(so we thought)

until the storm


a new


©Karen Robiscoe


Linkin’ Logs

bare_treeTired of resting on my laurels & sycamore-more-more society, I treed something else. ‘Went to the beech and met a nut named Ash. We became fast fronds—it helped he had weeds—I hope you conifer what I mean, wink wink

(I’m sequoia)

Anyway, we made a bract. A pithy bract, and if you’re aspen what kind of bract, well the core of it was:

f*ck yew & the horse you rhododendron…


©Karen Robiscoe

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