The Princess in the Tower

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“It’s about time you woke up.” a relieved smile breaks over an exasperated face. The girl blinks.

“Did you just kiss me?” she asks, pushing herself to her elbows. Does she know this guy? He’s awfully familiar, sitting on the edge of her—fingers stretch to tap the angled glass of open lid above her prone body. Glassed in bed set?

“CPR. May I?” he extends a hand. Helping her to a nearby chair, he hands off a scroll the instant she’s situated. She unfurls it, revealing an image of a coffee pot festooned with an image of half-open eyes.

“I’m sure that will help. Easy does it, Princess. You’ve been powered down awhile.” Glancing at a bracelet attached to his forearm at the wrist, he taps a reflective, flattened pendant.

“Make that a long while—and 56 seconds. It’ll take you a bit to get your sea legs.”

“Sea legs.” the…

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