Over Easy

Life is

a recipe.

With mixes,

and blends,

and possible combinations

of infinite ingredients you

sometimes choose

and sometimes find

tossed in your cart–

by a mystery shopper

–when you’re not paying attention.


amateur chef show

you have a second to decide

–and a lifetime

how you tie the tid-bits together.

If it’s already processed,

it still can be changed–

Pan in hand and

menu plan on plate

–will you deep fry that Twinkie?

Toss it out, and eat the arguably more healthy cellophane?

and if it’s fresh

–but bland–

will you douse it with sauce

>sweet or savory<

char it on coals

/cut on the bias/

and garnish with herbs?

if it’s bitter

–will you sweeten?

it it’s sour

–are you cool?

if it’s a Costco pallet

of unplanned

>purchased without specs<

will you skip it altogether?

Or make a trifle all your own?

Will you say you’re

all thumbs

in the kitchen

–which we all can appreciate

or will you suffer a few burns

. . .

(roll up sleeves)

–and learn.

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